Marcela is a versatile professional, combining roles as a holistic coach, philosopher, writer, traveler, artist, and educational researcher. She holds a Philosophy degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and earned a Master's in Pedagogy of Expression from the University of Roma Tre (Italy) and a Master's in Philosophy for Children from the University of Azores (Portugal). She also specializes in Therapeutic Theater from Espailúdic, the Gestalt School of Catalunya (Spain).

Marcela is passionate about facilitating workshops in Self-Expression, Improvisation, Acting, and Public Speaking with a holistic approach. Her workshops focus not only on tangible outcomes like increased confidence, stage presence, and active listening but also delve deeper using mindfulness and active meditation techniques to enhance these benefits. Marcela’s unique background and international education bring a rich tapestry of knowledge, making her a dynamic force in personal development and creative exploration. Her holistic methods ensure that participants not only gain practical skills but also experience profound personal growth.


Marcela brings pure light! Her improv classes connect me with my inner child and emotions. It's a joyful experience, playing with people worldwide. The created space is magical, observing genuine responses when we release our adult mindset briefly. Always thrilled for the next class! 🖤
Maria G.